We are a trusted and powerful convener with a history of effective partnership and inclusion.

The integration of multi-sector efforts and issues is critical to advancing progress for all. By joining forces with key strategic partners, we can leverage expertise, relationships, and resources to produce the most promising solutions and inspire cross-sector engagement.

Your Women’s Fund is proud to be partnered with Arise for Social Justice to manage and facilitate our Young Women’s Initiative. Arise is a non-profit dedicated to educating, organizing, and uniting low-income people to know what their rights are, to stand up for those rights, and to achieve those rights; to educate the community at large as to its common interest in social justice for all; to promote involvement in the electoral process, to develop self-esteem, and to teach ourselves to fight oppression in all its manifestations.






Shatz, Schwartz, & Fentin, P.C.


Easthampton Savings Bank

“I would like you to know how much the focused discussion with peers and mentors nourished my confidence and stimulated an exciting breakthrough in my perception of myself as a leader.”

—Karen Traub, M.Ed., LIPPI ’16