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Women’s Fund Furniture for Donation

How does this work?

The Women’s Fund staff will be in the office to allow organizations to view and claim furniture and then pick up claimed furniture at 1350 Main Street, Suite 1006, Springfield MA 01103. Sorry, you may not claim anything via email.

Anything that cannot be carried out easily within your arms will need a certificate of liability provided by your company’s insurance provider. This is required by our building and without it, larger items such as office chairs, desks, bookcases, tables, etc. cannot be removed from the WFWM office.

  • For clarification, if you only want to pick up supplies like paper, pens, or envelopes, you do NOT need a certificate of liability. You may indicate which day you would like to come and you can collect those supplies and bring them with you. You will not need to claim and then return to retrieve. That claim and pickup process is ONLY for large furniture that cannot be carried out easily within your arms.

If you claim furniture fitting this description, please e-mail the certificate of liability to Amber Roberts, Office Manager, at aroberts[at] no later than October 14th. Any questions about the certificate of liability can be directed to Amber. The certificate holder information for the certificate of liability needs to include:

1350 Main Street LC C/O NAI Plotkin
1350 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103

Anything not collected by October 19th, the WFWM will remove it from the office and donate.

Dates to visit and claim furniture or supplies:

  • October 12 | 1–5 PM

Dates to collect furniture or supplies:

  • Collection dates will be shared in a follow-up email after you claim the large furniture you want to take home. We will share a Doodle poll so you have staff help and access to the building freight elevator during that timeframe.
Example Certificate of Liability

Viewing the Images

Click on an image below to enlarge. Arrows will appear so you may click through to view the full album of furniture and supplies.


Note: The above pieces make up one whole desk.


Note: We have 29 lanterns.