Women In Leadership: YWI Mini Grant

Written and informed by the Young Women’s Advisory Council 2017-2018

Through our experience, corroborated by data collection and review of literature, we identified that there is a lack of women in leadership positions and young women are not provided with the skills or opportunities necessary to become leaders to the same degree as their male counterparts. We strive to contribute efforts to change this discrepancy for young women in Springfield by providing funding to an organization that is willing to take our data and our mission and turn it into a reality through the creation or support of a new or existing all-female program focused on leadership development.

What we are looking for:

We are seeking organizations that have, or plan to create, a program exclusively for young women to teach and develop leadership skills such as those mentioned in the above data.


The organization should meet the following criteria:

Proposed use of funds:

  • Have a program dedicated to teaching leadership skills to girls and young women OR plan to create a program dedicated to teaching leadership skills to girls and young women
    • The program should be exclusively for self-identified girls and women to create a safe and supportive space for leadership development
    • The program should be run entirely by women
    • Women should comprise 30% of the leadership of the entire receiving organization
    • The organization should have experience and/or training in teaching leadership skills
    • The organization should have experience and/or training in diversity
    • The program should focus on leadership development including teaching some of the following skills as identified in our survey data:
      • Communication (listening, public speaking, communicating ideas and opinions)
      • Working with others (team building, negotiating, conflict management)
    • Managing others (facilitating, giving and receiving feedback, observing, analyzing, decision making) Empowerment (motivating others, encouraging others, coaching)
    • Empathy
    • Cultural Competence
    • Self-discipline (self-awareness of skills and areas of improvement, finding passion, training grit, remaining level headed)
    • Building confidence (deconstructing social pressure for women to not be confident, how to recognize and use strengths, encourage risk taking/courage)
    • Creativity (room for innovative thinking, challenging systems)
    • Finding and pursuing passion and purpose
    • Networking/mentoring

Proposed Population:

  • Young girls and women in Springfield
    • Age: Elementary, middle, or high school
    • Gender: Participants should identify as women or girls
    • Geography: Participants should be residents of Springfield and/or attend school in Springfield

To apply for a mini-grant click here for the Women in Leadership Application(The link takes you to a Google Doc. You will not receive a receipt after submitting.)

Applications are due by May 21, 2018.

If you have any questions, contact Kelley Bryant