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What Wednesday Meant to Us

Our statement regarding the events at our Nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

We have few words right now.

For those who say this is not our America, it is. For those who say we are better than this, we are not and have not been. White Supremacy was on full display and stood in stark contrast to how black and brown people are treated by law enforcement daily, whether as individuals or in groups of peaceful protesters. The misogyny directed at our female leaders is also part of a pattern that is rooted in violence within people’s homes that has now spilled into The People’s House.

Our country, whose reaction is swift and severe when acts of terror happen on foreign soil, has yet to hold these domestic terrorists and the President and other elected officials who incited and encouraged them, to account.

We will continue to use our voice and our power to center women and girls, particularly women and girls of color, as we strengthen Western MA and create a world free from violence and abuse, where our leaders reflect the makeup of our community and where women, girls, and the organizations that serve them can prosper.

Your voice, your vote, and your money matters. Advance gender and racial equity with us.