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WFWM Radio: Episode 22, Dianne Fuller Doherty

By February 1, 2019March 16th, 2021No Comments
WFWM Radio

Dianne Fuller Doherty

We’ve reached our final episode of the Hear Our Voices podcast with host Olivia McCulloch, but we’re very pleased to end it where is all began. Olivia interviews Dianne Fuller Doherty who, along with Sally Livingston and Martha Richards, founded the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts. In this episode you’ll hear how the Women’s Fund began as an outcome of attending the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing, China and how the Fund has grown beyond Dianne’s imagination. Dianne inspires all of us at the Women’s Fund everyday.

“I think it (the Women’s Fund) has give women a voice in the Valley and I think it’s given them confidence to utilize their talents and their collaborative skills for the benefit of women and girls- and that was the mission of the Women’s Fund originally, but I think it’s gone beyond where we even thought it could.”

On March 18th, the Women’s  Fund will be honoring our founders at the Vivid Vocal & Visionary celebration. It will be a special evening and we hope you’ll join us. Find out more here.

Thank you for listening!