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January is national mentoring month, and the Women’s Fund hosted our 2nd Annual Mentor Match, an exciting networking event to engage emerging leaders with seasoned professionals. The Mentor Match was designed to connect local women and girls with members of the Women’s Fund family as mentors and mentees to share resources, experiences, and work together – integral to achieving professional and personal goals. We’re building our own powerful women’s network right here in Western MA.

The day started with a LIPPI session in full swing. Led by incredible mother-daughter duo Janine and Nikai Fondon, the session centered around Mentoring and the Power of your network. We practiced elevator pitch introductions, learned to map our social assets, and explored concepts of future business development.

In the afternoon, we were joined by LIPPI Alumna, members and supporters of our Young Women’s Initiative (YWI), current and former WFWM grantees, current or former WFWM Board and committee members, and many local professional women interested in making a difference in our communities.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We know that mentoring is not about one perfect person to guide your life, but rather a series of people who help guide you in making decisions when the moment matters most. We hope you connected with someone in your sector, involved in your passion, or someone you will follow up with. We cannot do this work without every one of us connected and working together.