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Resources on Reproductive Justice

Like so many of you, we have spent the last few weeks protesting, reflecting, and activating for a post-Roe world.

The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts had already begun to have a stronger advocacy voice and now that voice must be amplified. Just weeks ago, we presented Wait…What?! Reproductive Justice and the Future of Roe V. Wade and that webinar was eerily prescient. We urge you to watch it as it spells out the state of reproductive justice in MA and paints the national landscape.

Watch the Wait…What?! event here:



  • Abortion Access Front: Operation Save Abortion | National Day of Training Hosted by Abortion Access Front on Sunday, July 17th
    • Wanna protect abortion access but don’t know how? | Stock the fridge, gather your friends because you’re gonna throw an activist house party! You provide the snacks and Operation Save Abortion will provide everything else you need to get your activist on!
    • The Details: Sunday, July 17th, the coolest abortion activists and experts from around the country are gathering for a supercharged all-day training experience that will be live-streamed into your living room, to guide you and your posse toward all the different ways you can join this fight.
  • Abortion Access Graphics by the United State of Women
    • Share and tag @USOWomen in your posts
  • Beyond Roe Coalition Agenda
    • You can co-sign their agenda. They offer “recommendations for legislative action, budget investments, and regulatory solutions that leaders and policymakers should adopt today.”
  • Pro Repro Handbook
    • *For Employers, Human Resources Professionals, or other Administrators: Download and Implement the Pro Repro Handbook
    • The Pro Repro Playbook gives employers guidance on developing and implementing benefits that support the reproductive health of their employees and their immediate family members regardless of their location in the U.S.
      The Playbook outlines the process for implementing reproductive health protections and the key benefits that should be provided. Our approach was designed with the goal of creating equitable access to reproductive health services for all workers, regardless of their geographic location in the U.S., while avoiding legal risk for employees and employers.
      The Playbook was developed with input from dozens of HR/People managers, benefits administrators, employment attorneys, and benefits platforms. Our goal is to translate the positive intent of businesses to protect their workers into specific, tangible benefits for workers.
  • Shout Your Abortion: Organizing
  • Solidarity in Action: Planned Parenthood’s Legislative Agenda
    • You can be a co-sponsor: “Our new legislative agenda is unapologetically intersectional and follows the lead of the reproductive justice movement that addresses the ways all forms of oppression impact our reproductive lives.”
  • Supermajority
    • Need something to do? Supermajority needs your help. Join Supermajority for a text bank into the state of Michigan in response to the SCOTUS decision. We will be contacting women ahead of their primary in August. Why Michigan? It’s one of Supermajority’s five target states this election cycle. Michigan has dangerous trigger language on the books that may make abortion inaccessible in the state if folks don’t turn out to vote. Right now there is an opportunity to get an initiative on the ballot that would protect access to abortion.

Invest in Reproductive Justice