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Rape Culture: YWI Mini Grant

Written and informed by the Young Women’s Advisory Council 2017-2018

Problem Statement

We believe that in Springfield and across the globe, not enough young people are aware of or understand what rape culture is and how it affects them. In a list of the top ten most dangerous cities under 200,000-population category, Springfield, MA is listed as number six. The U.S reports 40 rapes per 1,000 people, while Springfield reports 59. There are a few programs working to combat sexual assault and domestic violence, but we see a lack of programs talking about how to deal with the environment that makes sexual assault a regular occurrence.


The Young Women’s Advisory Council (YWAC) Rape Culture Group is working towards creating a program that educates middle school and high school aged students about rape culture through afterschool programming, educational series or workshops and/or media campaign. We are also determined to create a safe place for sexual assault victims in the program and raise awareness.  Our goal is to provide a clear definition of rape culture for all students involved.

Eligible organizations

Organizations focused on women, youth and/or education. Experience in the fields of anti-violence and safety, sexual rights and reproductive justice and health which serve the community in Springfield.

To apply for a Rape Culture mini-grant click the link(The link takes you to a Google Doc. You will not receive a receipt after submitting.)

Grant applications are due by May 21, 2018

If you have any questions, contact