About Power Women Hour

You are invited to a new virtual series hosted by the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts dedicated to bolstering women’s economic security.

Many organizations have been affected by the economic impact of the pandemic, but while many still survive, women-owned businesses are at the brink of devastation. Prior to the pandemic, 1/3 of Western Massachusetts businesses were owned by women with that fraction threatening to decrease by the week. Businesses owned by women of color face the greatest barriers and are most likely to be shut out of recovery funding.

In the nonprofit sector, the pandemic has been disruptive to women-focused organizations and many philanthropic dollars have been understandably redirected to immediate COVID response.

Economic security for women is paramount to the success of a family. To bolster and empower women to be the champions of their own lives, we introduce Power Women Hour.

Women-Owned Businesses in Western MA (Before COVID-19)

Will you empower her?

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    You can help us keep women’s economic security at the forefront by supporting Power Women Hour.

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    How to participate in Power Women Hour.

    What is Power Women Hour?

    Power Women Hour is a monthly virtual series that features vulnerable Western MA women-owned businesses, particularly women of color-owned business or women-led nonprofits.

    Join the WFWM as we listen to real women’s stories and learn a skill, craft, exercise, and more. The women entrepreneurs will be compensated for participating while community members benefit from getting the inside scoop behind the business leading up to each monthly event.

    Your participation matters, so please subscribe, like, and share their stories on whichever platform you socialize on!

    Where and when does PWH happen?

    Power Women Hour will be available on our website and our YouTube channel every second or third Wednesday of the month at noon (12:00 PM EST).

    How does this work?

    The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts is dedicated to women’s economic empowerment. With this, the WFWM has committed to paying all of the women entrepreneurs who participate in Power Women Hour.
    Power Women Hour is made possible by our lead sponsor, The Jamrog Group, with additional support from the Institute for Generative Leadership.

    We aim to sustain this initiative and invite you to give what you can to keep women’s economic security at the forefront of our communities in the region.

    Why should I participate in PWH?

    You will

    • help the most vulnerable women-owned businesses survive
    • grow funding support for the Women’s Fund of Western MA and thereby support women and girls in your community
    • learn fun skills and the determination it takes to own or lead a business or nonprofit
    • build a community of people who are passionate about supporting women in their community

    Power Women Hour Series

    Featured Entrepreneur:

    Tiffany Allecia, Founder & President of Black and Brown Wall$treet Tiffany Allecia M.Ed. | Founder & President, Black and Brown Wall Street

    Tiffany Allecia M.Ed. is the President of The Black and Brown Wall Street, Founder and Creative Director of Real Recognize Fake, and has been a Community Organizer in Springfield since 2009. She is a double Howard University graduate with a B.A. in African American Studies with a minor certificate in Psychology and a B.A. in Sociology with a minor certificate in Political Science. She has a Masters of Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University and completed her Massachusetts Teacher licensure coursework at Boston University. Tiffany is currently studying for her second Master’s in Education Policy and Leadership from American University. Tiffany is focused on building the sustainable infrastructure that will allow for continued economic development in Springfield through our collective passions and creative goals. Springfield Massachusetts is Tiffany’s hometown, and she credits her individual success to the city raising her. This is why she describes her life’s work as the journey to establishing Springfield, MA as an arts & culture capital of the world. In 2020, Tiffany facilitated over 44 programs and events within western mass surrounding economic development, urban development, systemic racism, arts and culture, financial literacy, systemic change, and education. Last year, she was able to connect over 150 Black, Brown, and ally businesses through community events, protests, and educational programming. Black and Brown Wall Street is currently planning the Juneteenth 2021 Block Party under the leadership of Tiffany Allecia and Senator Adam Gomez. We believe that consistent and culturally meaningful programs and events in our community build tradition, and support our vision of healed, civically engaged, and empowered Springfield.

    Black and Brown Wall Street

    Facebook: @blackandbrownws
    Instagram: @blackandbrownwallstreet
    Twitter: @blackandbrownws

    Last Month’s Featured Entrepreneur:

    Whitney Dodds, Founder and Lead Therapist of Wellness for the Culture LLC Whitney Dodds | Founder & Lead Therapist, Wellness For The Culture, LLC

    Whitney is the Founder and Lead Therapist at Wellness for the Culture, a mental health practice located in the heart of Springfield, MA. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MA) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (CT), with a passion for addressing issues of inequity in access and quality of care in underserved communities. She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from American International College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

    Wellness for the Culture LLC

    1365 Main St, STE 301
    Springfield, MA 01103
    Monday-Friday 9am- 4pm
    hello [at] wellnessfortheculture.com
    Facebook: @WellnessForTheCulture
    Instagram: @WellnessForTheCulture
    LinkedIn: @Whitney-Dodds-LMHC-LPC

    We would like to continue this work for and with the community. If you are able, please consider giving a gift to advance women, girls, and their families.