WAM Theatre

WAM Theatre‘s Mission: Every time an audience comes together for a theatrical event, a community is formed. WAM Theatre engages that community by:

  1. producing theatrical events for everyone, with a focus on women theatre artists and/or stories of women and girls.
  2. donating a portion of proceeds from those theatrical events to organizations that work to benefit the lives of women and girls in our communities and worldwide.

WAM Theatre is a professional theatre company based on the ancestral homeland of the Mohican Tribe now known as Berkshire Country in Western Massachusetts, that operates at the intersection of arts and activism. WAM creates theatre for gender equity and has a vision of theatre as philanthropy. In fulfillment of its philanthropic mission, WAM donates a portion of the proceeds from its Mainstage productions to carefully selected beneficiaries. Since WAM’s founding in 2010, they have donated more than $80,000 to 19 local and global organizations taking action for gender equity in areas such as girls’ education, teen pregnancy prevention, sexual trafficking awareness, midwife training, and more.

In addition to Mainstage productions and special events, WAM’s activities include innovative community engagement programs and the Fresh Takes Play Reading Series. To date, WAM has provided paid work to more than 500 theatre artists, the majority of whom are female-identifying. As a civic organization that embraces intersectional feminism (feminism that acknowledges how multiple forms of discrimination overlap), WAM understands that to address one piece of systemic discrimination means we have to address them all. This is ongoing personal and professional work at WAM for the staff and board.