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The Mental Health task force focused on avenues for affecting positive change in mental health support for youth as it relates to life at home, in school, after graduation, and in dealing with structures like the court system or hospitals. The young women chose to fund the PhotoVoice Project, a nationally recognized photo narrative process by which members of a community gain awareness about mental health and addiction to promote local change. The Healthy Community Summer Jobs Program–a collaboration between two Gandara service divisions–will train their staff and youth to learn the practices of co-leading a PhotoVoice. This intergenerational group will design the PhotoVoice educational campaign to promote mental health awareness, demystify stigma around mental health and addiction, and illustrate the barriers to seeking help.

How it works:

  • Training will be provided to approximately 4 staff and 4 youth.
  • The trained teams will then initiate, explore and develop material with 4-6 youth participants throughout the next year.
  • Staff/youth lead team will work with groups of youth to implement a PhotoVoice education campaign designed to promote/demystify stigma around mental health and addiction.