Breathing Space

The mission of Breathing Space is to provide low-cost yoga for every body classes in our Easthampton studio and online, and to offer free recovery and trauma-informed yoga classes in prisons and addiction recovery centers in Western Massachusetts. We dedicate our work to practicing yoga with those who are facing life challenges due to personal and/or collective trauma. We support this outreach work through fees for our Studio and online yoga classes, grants, and the Seed to Flower Fund for Yoga Service. We uphold to the highest extent possible the yogic principle of Ahimsa, non-harming, through our yoga practice, and anti-oppression and antiracist work.

By practicing mindful movement unifying body, breath, and attention, participants experience safe activation of the nervous system and learn to move into the resting state. Participants also learn to value the power and strength of their bodies and develop confidence in their bodily boundaries and autonomy. Yoga practice leads to an enhanced state of grounding, calm, and discernment, the last being key building block of safety and avoiding toxic relationships.