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Board of Directors

Many Thanks to Leaving Board Members

By July 3, 2019March 16th, 2021No Comments
Two of the Fund’s board members are rotating off the board as of July 1st. Kathy Cardinale and Layla Taylor have been instrumental in shaping the Women’s Fund during their terms and we are very grateful for the many hours they have spent guiding our work.

Kathy Cardinale, Cardinale Design, has been a board member since 2010. She has been a valuable source of inspiration and marketing advice and is responsible for creating our most recent logo and website. From the eye-catching colors to the bold graphics, Kathy has been a big influence on the WFWM brand. Her quick smiles, wit, and lively personality will be missed at board meetings.


Layla Taylor, Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn, LLC, has served on our board since 2012. Layla has been instrumental in guiding the Fund through some major staff transitions as board president and advising us on employment and labor laws which she specializes in at her firm. Layla’s steadfast recommendations have served us well and her warmth and dedication have been greatly appreciated.