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LIPPI Session 6 was led by an inspiring leader from DC who taught a powerful day around Policy Advocacy 101: Building Coalitions and Developing Strategies for Social Change.

This month our LIPPIstas learned about policy advocacy in an engaging and impassioned workshop led by Kimberly Inez McGuire of Conway Strategic, located in DC. In this powerful session, “Policy Advocacy 101: Building Coalitions and Developing Strategies for Social Change,” Kimberly led the group through strategies for impacting local policies or convening people or groups to make deep and lasting social change, including creating a goal, implementing a plan, and delivering a powerful message.

The afternoon included an exciting, high energy activity that helped put our morning lessons into practice. In small groups the LIPPI women wrote scripts for, and performed, the common political scenarios a policy advocate can frequently find themselves in when advocating for their causes. Be on the lookout for a video of these powerful performances at our LIPPI graduation!

The day concluded with an insightful debrief that gave us all the opportunity to voice our appreciations for the insights that were gained and how we intended on implementing those strategies outside of the classroom.

Thank you to Kimberly for leading this powerful session. Knowing how to be an effective policy advocate is a fundamental part of interacting with business, public, education, or civic affairs. This session has given the LIPPI women tools they need to begin effecting positive change within their communities.