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Tuition and Leadership Grants

Applications will be accepted any time up to midnight on Thursday, August 15, 2019.

Tuition: Tuition is $2,100. Please note tuition helps keep the program sustainable through the long term. However, the Women’s Fund remains committed to education access and therefore encourages anyone interested to apply regardless of ability to cover tuition cost. If you are admitted, we will work with you to make the program affordable.

Payment options: The Women’s Fund is committed to ensuring the participation of all highly qualified applicants. If you are admitted into LIPPI, payment plans can be arranged as requested.

Leadership Grants: Thanks to the generosity of the Women’s Fund donors, corporate partners, and LIPPI alumnae, leadership grants are available to partially cover the cost of tuition. Our supporters appreciate knowing that participants demonstrate their commitment to the program by making a personal contribution as well. Our recommendation is that each participant makes a personal contribution of at least $300.

Apply for a leadership grant by indicating the grant amount you require in the space provided in the application. Selection for LIPPI is need-blind; selection committee members will not be told if, or how much, financial assistance is requested. Leadership Grant requests are kept confidential and reviewed by administrative staff only after an applicant has been granted admittance into the program.

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    Leadership Grant

    The following information will not be disclosed to the selection committee. If you are accepted into the LIPPI program, Women's Fund staff will review your grant request and determine your award based on available funds.

    To be considered for a Leadership Grant, please complete the following:


    Personal contribution $



    Employer contribution $



    Leadership Grant request $



    Total Tuition: $2,100


    Describe you need for financial assistance*:

    I understand that LIPPI is a learning community committed to social change through political advocacy, policy leadership, and professional development. I honor this community by accurately and truthfully representing myself and my information in this application.

    By checking this box and typing my name below, I am electronically signing my grant request.

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    If you would like to fill out the Leadership Grant Application at a later date, please download the Word or PDF version here: