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Are you passionate about the Women’s Fund mission and ready to share that passion with others?

One way to maximize your impact is to bring your friends and family together to eat, drink, and donate. Why not throw your own Women’s Fund party? You don’t need to have friends with “deep pockets” to host a party! There are two goals when hosting a party — recruit new advocates for the Women’s Fund mission and raise funds to support our work.

Parties with a Purpose are a valuable way that Women’s Fund supporters introduce our organization to others. They are a great opportunity to share why the Women’s Fund matters to you and why it should matter to others.

You know your guests better than anyone else, so shape your party with a purpose however (and wherever) it will best resonate with your friends, family, and co-workers. Some fun examples include:

  • Intimate gathering with wine and cheese at your home
  • Gather friends at your favorite club
  • Book a private room in a woman-owned restaurant
  • Casual potluck with friends
  • Hot chocolate and cookies by the fireplace
  • Garden party with lemonade and iced tea
  • BBQ or pool party on a hot summer day

Your donation of drinks and refreshments is an additional gift to the Women’s Fund and if you forward your receipts to us, we are happy to provide an in-kind donation receipt.

Whatever type of gathering you choose to host, make it unique to you and your community. Sharing your passion for the mission of the Women’s Fund and connecting others with us is a meaningful way to show your Women’s Fund pride.

For more information contact Jorene at 413-529-0087, x 115.