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Salary Negotiation Workshops for Women in Western Massachusetts

By September 1, 2019March 16th, 2021No Comments

Labor Day was September 2nd and what better way to honor American workers then to talk about their compensation?

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Office of State Treasurer and Receiver General, led by MA Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, launched the initiative last year as a direct response to the wage gap in Massachusetts, where women make only 82 cents for every dollar a man makes.

According to the data in the Women’s Fund research report on the Status of Women and Girls in Western Massachusetts, 2019, the wage gap is worse when disaggregated by gender and race:

Women’s 12-Month Earnings Ratios Compared with Every Dollar White Men Earned by Race/Ethnicity and County

Source: U.S. Census, ACS, 5-Year Estimate 2013-2017

The Women’s Fund recognized the impact of providing women with the training they need to create meaningful change in their lives and in their communities. As part of the WFWM pillar of impact training, we are co-hosting the AAUW Work Smart FREE salary negotiation skills workshop in partnership with the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, the Treasurer’s Office of Economic Empowerment, and three local community colleges (Berkshire Community College, Greenfield Community College, and Holyoke Community College) to offer this training to a broad audience of Western Massachusetts women.

Economic prosperity is key to a woman’s health and happiness. Especially for women who are mothers, economic insecurity effects their entire family. The Women’s Fund recognizes that in order for a woman to be confident, she must feel confident in the most important aspects of her life. The AAUW Work Smart salary negotiation skills workshop will give women the tools they need to be confident providers for themselves and their families.

After a participant leaves the workshop, she will have:
  • Gained confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role-playing
  • Learned how to identify and articulate your personal value
  • Learned how to develop an arsenal of persuasive responses and other strategies to use when negotiating
  • Learned how to conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits
  • Learned about the wage gap, including its long-term consequences

AAUW Work Smart salary negotiation skills workshops for women in Western Massachusetts are FREE to attend, but seats are limited and registration is required. AAUW’s Work Smart program is designed to empower women with skills to advocate for themselves in the workplace, close their personal pay gaps, and earn their market-value through salary negotiation.

To register for a workshop near you, visit our events calendar.