Economic, Community and Workforce Development: YWI Mini Grant

Written and informed by the Young Women’s Advisory Council 2017-2018

Mission Statement

The YWAC Economic, Community and Workforce Development Task Force work to help low-income families to address the need of resource insecurity in Springfield.

Problem Statement

In Springfield, there are not enough resources that are easily accessible for low-income families. According to, 87% of the people living in Springfield live under the poverty line. A staggering 87% of people may face either food or housing insecurity, a lack of transportation, job opportunities, and childcare. Although there are many government-funded and private organizations addressing resource insecurity, many people lack access to information, time allotment, transportation or other barriers. For example, many government offices are only open for a limited time in the day and are far apart from each other.  When creating programs more consideration needs to be taken in order to insure that the programs cater to the people in need rather than the people running the programs. Although many organizations are working at addressing easier accessibility to all resources, more needs to be done in order to help resource insecurity in Springfield.


The YWAC Economic, Community and Workforce Development Task Force strives to provide simpler ways for low-income families to access necessities and resources within Springfield. The task force desires to assist families in difficult situations specifically with food, housing and employment opportunities.


  • An organization that supports low-income households in Springfield

Click the link to apply for an Economic, Community and Workforce mini-grant. (The link takes you to a Google Doc. You will not receive a receipt after submitting.)

Grant applications are due May 21, 2018.

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