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In her own words, Maggie Bergin tells us why she supports the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts as a local community sponsor.

“Here’s the story: In 1996, I went to a Valentine’s Dance at the Northampton Center for the Arts, called ‘For The Love Of Women’. It was a fundraising event for what was to become the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts. Seven years ago, I was a LIPPI instructor 2-years in a row. Last November, I opened a fitness studio at Open Square, The Reset.

At the Reset, our biggest joy comes from making a difference in our students’ lives. But we also want to make a difference in our region, because we’re not just a fitness studio, we’re part of something bigger: our community.

The Reset is proud of our ongoing partnership with the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts. Every month, the Reset donates 5% of our profits to WFWM. WFWM fuels gender equity in our region by funding programs that elevate the power of local women to take charge and lead. Among other awesome work, WFWM trains women to run for office and funds programs that make a difference in the lives of women and girls.

To celebrate this partnership and kick-off our 5% For Women commitment in a big way, The Reset hosted a workout on Friday, February 23. 100% of the class fees were donated to the WFWM AND the Reset matched 100% of the class fees! We raised $260!!!!!

Moving forward, every time our clients sign up to workout, they’ll be enjoying a mental reset WHILE supporting an amazing organization that supports local women. IT’S NOT A DREAM. IT’S HAPPENING. Get your strength and sweat on and support the Western Mass. Women’s Fund.”