For information on supporting your Women’s Fund, or to learn more about the impact of your investment, please contact Director of Philanthropy  Monica Borgatti at 413-529-0087 x 114.

Listing on WFWM website Name Name Name Logo Logo on WFWM homepage
Listing in WFWM annual report Name Name Name Logo Logo
Underwriter acknowledgement in slideshow at major WFWM events Name with other Friend level Logo with other Bronze level Logo with other Silver level Logo with other Gold level Full Slide
Tickets to WFWM events 2 2 4 4
Priority Seating
Priority Seating
Listing in funder block to be used in program related materials and communications   Name Name Logo Premium Logo
Program advertisement at major WFWM events   Logo 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page Premium Location
Recognition as a sponsor on social media   Minimum of 1 time per year Minimum of 2 times per year Minimum of 4 times per year Minimum of 6 times per year
Recognition as sponsor in WFWM media releases    
Private reception access for you and your guests at major WFWM events      
Logo inclusion on WFWM banners displayed at program workshops and meetings      
Underwriter acknowledgement in LIPPI and YWI curriculum slides      
Join WFWM staff in one
media interview
Opportunity to speak: Introduce keynote at one WFWM major event        
Lead listing in all WFWM promotional materials