8 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Assess Your Career

1. It’s quarantine, baby.

Maybe it feels like Groundhog Day inside your home. Or maybe you’re essential and you’ve gotten so used to wearing a face mask that you’re starting to look at bedazzling mask designs to spruce up your safety. Whatever your reality looks like, there’s no better time than the present to take a moment to reflect on what keeps you busy most of the week.

2. Confidence.

No, this isn’t Teen Cosmo and we’re not going to tell you all the ways to win over a crush. We do believe that taking time to reflect on your work will help you realize this: you are an incredible asset who can take on David Hasslehoff, and you either are in the right job to feel fulfilled or it’s time to find options. Either way, after this workshop, you will feel confident no matter which path.

3. You need to socialize.

Do you feel like Oscar the Grouch most days? #TooReal Thinking about your value and trying to communicate that to others (in a safe space) will help you feel validated and help remind you that there is life outside of the trashcan. An added bonus: we all need to socialize more anyway.

4. You ran out of shows to watch on Netflix.

If you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix, it’s time to admit there’s a problem. Choosing a career path is a lot harder than choosing what to binge watch on Netflix, but reflection can help you alleviate both issues. That, and using the “My List” feature when you’re browsing to keep track of potential shows made for you.

5. You want to meet new people.

You want to meet new people, and this could be your proverbially Tinder moment. Although we don’t suggest speed dating during the pandemic (that’s a sure way to cause an outbreak), consider using events as an opportunity to practice networking. I might open doors or opportunities you had not previously considered. Who knows, you may even find your true career desire?

6. You are considering retirement.

Retirement is just within reach; finish with a flourish instead of a fizzle. Even if changing positions is not really what you want or is event he smart choice right now, taking the time to reflect on this moment will help you finish out your last few years of full-time employment strong.

7. You just graduated, or are about to finish school.

Everyone needs a little soul-searching after finishing a milestone and entering the workforce. The midnight papers will be something of the past…just make it through to Thanksgiving!

8. Winter is coming.

Some industries are getting ready to recruit new employees for the beginning of the new calendar year. Start your self-growth now while your competition takes a nap after Thanksgiving dinner. As they say, the morning turkey gets the worm…

Get your ticket!

Eight reasons is a nice round number. Hopefully, you’re not looking for a ninth before you get your ticket.

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